Our Story

The concept is simple – The People’s Fabric is an opportunity to share stories. 

We believe we are bound by our experiences and our stories, and we want a world that enables these stories to cross boundaries. 

Our stories cross seas and cultures. Where people from all walks of life are woven tightly together, like the threads of fabric. 

We unite together by highlighting and celebrating our differences.

We break down what fair trade means for all - for the customer, the maker and their communities.

We embrace the ethos of sustainability whilst celebrating and valuing the traditional art of women weavers in Indonesia. 

We want to share with you the journey of your unique ikat piece from conception to creation so every ikat piece purchased will be accompanied by a Weaver Profile, which will include a little information about the artist and the motif used in her piece. 

"We value transparency; from community to couch"

We support initiatives that economically empower women who are preserving their cultural traditions and seeking alternative livelihoods outside of the destructive palm oil trade, which is devastating their local environment, wildlife and community cohesion.


Our Founder


Ali Capp has a longstanding love affair with Indonesia. Her passion for the people, their language and culture (and of course, the food!) drove her to create 'The People's Fabric'.

With a Masters in International Development and an Honours degree in Anthropology and Indonesian Studies under her belt, Ali's enthusiasm for the region was always going to see her gravitate towards the islands of Indonesia. 

Ali firmly believes in sustainable community development, guided by local initiatives and strengths. She endeavours to reinforce these ideals by working with those who promote both gender informed practice and equality. 

Whilst working in Timor-Leste in 2011, Ali was introduced to the wonderful world of ikat and the extraordinary women behind the weaving. It was from this encounter that the first stitches were sewn in Ali's imagination for 'The People's Fabric'.

Ali was proud to represent The People's Fabric at the Ethical Enterprise Conference in Melbourne, October 2016.

Ali was proud to represent The People's Fabric at the Ethical Enterprise Conference in Melbourne, October 2016.