Planet Indonesia is a not-for-profit organisation based in Pontianak, West Borneo, which provides market-based incentives that balance ecological and human livelihoods with cultural preservation.

Planet Indonesia HQ

Planet Indonesia HQ

Revitalising art

Planet Indonesia uses a sustainable fair-trade approach to economically empower the women of Borneo by revitalising traditional ikat artwork. 

Indonesia exhibits some of the highest levels of cultural diversity in the world. In Borneo alone the local indigenous group has over 400 local groups, each with their own languages, customs and traditions. The underlying theme across Planet Indonesia’s Integrated Art Project is thus cultural preservation. 

How Do They Do it?

Planet Indonesia work with a weaving Cooperative in the Sintang district that produce artworks and use the funds to further sustain their long-term goals. 

This Cooperative, Jasa Menenun Mandiri, started as a small business group with just 25 women and has now expanded to include over 1,500 weavers.

Through purchasing a product through The People's Fabric, you are supporting initiatives that economically empower indigenous women weavers in Borneo, such as providing access to communal savings groups so they can develop their business, plan for their child's education or pay for their family's healthcare.

What Makes Them Different?

Planet Indonesia values the weavers above all else – the weavers are artists and their ikat pieces are a direct representation of their local culture. Whilst other organisations often push weavers to create certain products with popular motifs, colours and designs, Planet Indonesia’s program enables the weavers to create their own products and tell their own stories. These are the stories that we love to share with you.

Find our more about Planet Indonesia by visiting www.planetindonesia.org


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