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Ikat Bags

Leather Clutch (Anastasia)

  • Lamb Leather Ikat Clutch

  • Concealed magnet closure

  • 100% cotton lining, with pockets

  • Dimensions: (H)15 x (W)22cm

  • Weaver: Anastasia

  • Motif: Pelangka


This soft, brown leather ikat clutch is petite enough to fit snug in your hand but will still fit all your essentials. The concealed magnetised closure allows for quick and easy access.

The warm caramel ikat used in this clutch is hand woven and hand dyed by Anastasia, through traditional techniques that use natural, plant-derived dye.

The motifs Anastasia has used in her ikat symbolise fertility, security and prosperity. Read more by clicking on Additional Info + below.

This is one of fourteen unique pieces deriving from Anastasia's ikat. Each clutch is lined, with pockets, and will come from a different position on the ikat so may not be a direct representation of the clutch pictured.

Every ikat piece purchased will be accompanied by a Weaver Profile, which will include a little information about the artisan and the motif used in her piece. Through your purchase, you are supporting initiatives that economically empower indigenous women weavers in Borneo. [Read more]

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Additional Info

  • Weaver: Anastasia

  • Age: 39 years old

  • Region: Dayak Desa Sintang

  • Motif: Pelangka

  • Made with love in Indonesia

The artisan, Anastasia, is a proud Dayak woman and a member of our partner women's weaving Cooperative, Jasa Menenun Mandiri, in West Borneo. The Dayak people are Indigenous to Borneo and encompass over 200 different ethnicities, all of which have their own customs, dialects and cultures.

Pelangka is a tool made of rattan that the Dayak people once used to separate the rice from their husks. In the past, it was also used by Shamans, who believed it would cure their patients. It is a very powerful and well-known motif in Dayak villages and one that symbolises fertility, security and prosperity.

Important note for all ikat products on each product page

The People’s Fabric sources ikat from various villages in West Borneo – they are made by a variety of different people who use a variety of different dyes so each piece is unique. The complex process of making ikat requires high levels of skill, as each is handmade and hand dyed. Because of this, there may occasionally be slight imperfections in the artwork – whilst these are minor, we believe this simply contributes to each ikat's story.

Caring for your ikat

Your ikat can be spot cleaned with warm water however for the best results, we recommend you dry clean your product when necessary. Please also ensure it is not exposed to direct sunlight for long periods as this will cause the colours to fade.

Love your ikat

Write a thank you message and/or send us a photo of you with your piece and we’ll do our very best to ensure the artist receives it! Email to, including the weaver’s name and your date of purchase.